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"The key to difference between what your life has been and what it can be is hidden in your horscope. I can help unlock your destiny for good"

Heavenly bodies like stars and planets have a language of their own, a language which is beyond the understanding of people with average intelligence, a language which calls for an extra stroke of mastery and devotion towards the planets as well as the equally significant, ruling lords of the same. Only few among thousands of people are blessed with that extra sense of intuition and judgment which not only empowers them to read the language of stars but also to control them. One such blessed soul is Bharat Guruji who understands the divinity of god within a human’s existence like no other.
Bharat Guruji, is the name synonymous to the accuracy of predictions. Being a learned scholar of the various cosmic sciences and astrology related studies, Bharat Guruji is laden with the pious knowledge of stars and planets which can help alter the fortunes in one’s stride. He very aptly, puts his unusual and divine talent at making predictions and prophecies as per the movement of cosmic objects and makes his prospects cautious of the coming events. He also offers perfect solutions to convince the stars and planets with regard to the circumstances.


Here’s how i can help you live a better, more satisfying, more fulfilling and rewarding life with my Astrology and Vaastu solutions

  • Astrological and psychic guidance.
  • Removal of Black magic through root-work prayers.
  • Reconcilement with lost love.
  • Astrological treatments to vanquish fears of separation and divorce.
  • Spiritual healing with proven results.
  • Protection against all evil influences.


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