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As the name itself suggests, the study of numbers aligning to the horoscope of a person and giving out predictions of future events or past occurrence with the help of numbers is Numerology. Numbers reflect certain character tendencies. Each letter has a numeric value that provides a related cosmic vibration. The sum of the numbers in a person’s date of birth and the sum value derived from the letters in the name of a person provide an inter relation and show a great deal of information about the character and talents of a person.

Numerology experts use these numbers to determine the best time for major moves and activities in life. Numerology is used to take decisions on when to invest, when to travel, when to relocate, when to change jobs, etc.

Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician who lived around 570 BC is considered as the father or originator of the science of numbers what is known as Numerology today.

According to Numerology, the numerical value of your name influences areas of your personal and professional development. Finding out your name number according to this study can tell you about yourself and if you know your friends’ and family members’ numbers, it could help you understand them better too.

Our ancient history shows that the numbers were offered by God to mankind - to use them for self analysis. Much as the sign language which is considered as “universal language”, there is no life without numbers. Man cannot think of passing even a day without using numbers. Numerology is simple and powerful. The study of Numerology can make you wise and differentiate how life has to be approached with confidence. Any mathematician, in an education centre can vouch for the subject being superior to any other. Mathematics is considered a language and each number has its own significance. Even “zero” for that matter has the highest significance of all numbers. Hence the time and date of birth of any person which is also denoted in numbers and the name of the person is made use of in Numerology which uses numbers to describe the person, then a chart can be drawn with utmost accuracy to say what exactly the person is or going to be. Every alphabet will have a number attached to it and then calculated.

There are nine Planets in our Solar System and Astrology believes that only nine numbers on which all material calculations are based which are from 1 to 9. Each planet rules on a particular sign of the twelve Zodiac Signs and has a specific individual characteristic, vibration, trait that influences the person. Each planet is also allotted a number, from where the calculation takes place.

So what is Numerology?

In a nutshell - Numerology is very similar to astrology since it is also a science of life. While Numerology deals with the numbers and their influence on people, Astrology combines Astronomy and mathematics together and deals with the planetary system. Astrology is a vast and deep subject while studying Numerology is much easier.

Thousands of years ago, the study of numbers were started and finds the root in Greece. The mathematician - Pythagoras is the one who brought Numerology into existence. Even today, there is a large number of population who do not believe in this but “Seeing is believing” - those who have gone through a study of themselves with the help of a professional Numerologist and experienced the outcome can vouch for the study. He alone can side with the study who has been advised to take remedial action and has seen the result with his own eyes.

Nearly every aspect of our daily life’s deals with numbers in some way, it can be the time of the day, or money, or telephone numbers, or house addresses, or i.p. addresses, bank account numbers and so on. When the enormous effect of the numbers have on our lives is realized, it would be easy to believe that the Science of Numerology will also have an effect much in the same way.

Once the Numerology reveals the results, shifting your life so that it is more in line with the chart, we will be surprised as to how much better the life looks like. If we stray too far from the path laid as per the Numerology chart, the opposite effect may happen. Life can seem to be more difficult and stressful. If the chart is used correctly, any perceived limitations on the life that we may have can disappear. Trust is the factor and one who trusts and takes up the necessary advised action, can see the positive results very soon.


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