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Sour relations with Spouse/Kids/Parents?

‘Relationship’ is a very broad term and it is not just a connection between two people, which immediately comes to your mind when you hear this but much deeper than everything. It cannot be explained by mere words alone.

Relationships connect us not only by blood or marriage but also refer to the emotional connection between people, teachers and students, family members, business partners and many more. The most important ones are the ones with your family, life partners and the purest of all, parent and child. Relationships have to be built slowly and it is always mutual. No relationship can survive by just one sided love.

But do you think you are facing problems with this one sided love? Do you feel brittleness in your relations? Are the thoughts of falling apart constantly coming to your mind and circumstances are also giving you negative feelings?

Yes, it is time for you to look deep into the matter and try your best to heal the knots that have been formed. There is no stereotype solution to any such problem but you have to be sensitive enough to handle such situations. Sometimes many are not able to cope with such situations and there is no harm in seeking help from the right people. Sometimes not just people but uncontrollable situations also take a toll in your relationships and you definitely need to approach for external help to solve such issues.

There can be several reasons for relationships going bad and before taking any step one needs to understand all of them:

  • Words: Take care of the words you use with your near and dear ones. They can be very hurting sometimes even without you knowing its consequences. Wounds created by words may take lifelong to heal. The best thing to do is control your anger and think before you speak.
  • False show: When we pretend to be affectionate but our actions and words are not in sync with what we show, such relationships always grow apart with time.
  • Respect: respecting your relationships and the ones in front of you is of prime importance and mutual respect is very necessary.
  • Expectations: If you expect your spouse to follow what you want, and not for once listen to their point of view, things can turn out to be very ugly. Striking a balance is very necessary.
  • Arrogance: this is a very delicate issue and if you are facing problems related to ego issues with your spouse or sibling, you definitely need to give space and freedom to each other.
  • Trust issues: you definitely need to trust each other in order to grow. Parents need to trust their kids and vice versa and same goes with others too. It builds the strong base for a secure future.
  • Selfishness: A selfish person can never be considerate enough. Expecting from others and never giving anything in return can never build strong relationships.
  • Jealousy: This is an innate human trait which will definitely be in all humans. But if this goes beyond limits, it can drastically change your life.
  • Forgiveness: this is something every human needs to have at some point or the other. Someday you have to be the bigger and the better human being and just forgive and forget the wrong doings and start afresh.


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