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Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu is a Sanskrit word. If we break it down, Vaas means to live and tu means you – combined meaning is a place where you live. Shastra is also a Sanskrit word which means a text or study. Vastu means ‘the art of building one’s living and working spaces in harmony with Nature’. It consists of the principals that were defined by the traditional views on how the Laws of nature have a greater impact on the spaces of our dwelling and our working.

It is similar to “Feng Shui”, the Chinese Science of placement, which also uses the principles of positive energy to be brought into the lives of mankind. Vaastu Shastra is thus, a study which contains knowledge or instructions laid down for building a dwelling or a structure.

It is a traditional Hindu system of architecture that describes the principles of design, layout, measurement, space arrangement using mathematics and geometry. Vaastu is a part of Vedic wisdom that guide us how to arrange our home and offices effectively, efficiently and in a manner that will attract positive vibes, luck and good fortune. It is particularly important for us to surround ourselves with Positive influences.

Ancient literature reveals that the Vaastu Shastra laid down principles for constructing a building while taking into consideration the five basic elements of nature – which are a) wind b) water c) earth d) fire and e) space. The four directions – North, South, East and West are also considered. Any structure which is not aligned with the 5 elements and the 4 directions will pose problems for the people living in that building. The basis of Vaastu is the interplay of nature acting through these elements and directions.

Vaastu and Real Estate:

A house built as per the Vaastu Shastra, provides us with a healthy and secure life. Office buildings built on Vaastu principles enhance sales and productivity. Vaastu compliant factories can promote the efficiency of the workers and minimize breakdown of machines or other equipments. Malls and retail outlets can see the boost in sales. In short, modern age societies can benefit from Vaastu in a lot of ways.

Today the mankind has moved away from nature. Either we are confined to the four walls of our home or to office. Only a small percentage of the mankind is trying to be close to nature. The rest are engrossed in trying to maintain life, earn their livelihood and fight with various problems that they face. A walk on the city roads is far from relaxing with pollution, vehicular traffic which may bring in lots of diseases. In such a scenario the principles of Vaastu need to be correctly applied to our buildings so as to lessen or totally eradicate future hurdles. Vaastu proposes some additional rules to be followed before designing doors and windows.

Vaastu is the bridge between mankind and nature. The powers and influences of our Mother Nature are beyond our comprehension and control, but the concepts and principles of Vaastu enables us to take in the nature’s influences into the various aspects of life such as health, wealth, energy levels, prosperity, influence, fame and relationships. Vaastu has its inscriptions in different epics like Matsya purana, Skanda Purana, Garuda Purana and Vishnu Purana.

The five elements of nature thus have a strong bond between them. To bring them all together scientifically, Vaastu will be the binding force pulling all these five energies together. The combined energy thus acts as a well balanced force which will benefit the mankind immensely. This will certainly create a way towards a healthy life with wealth and prosperity, with a good career growth and a balanced living with fellow human beings.

A proper architectural plan and its implementation is the crucial element of any construction –whether a house or a theatre or a hospital or an office complex. However, Vaastu Shastra is much more than that. It creates a crucial shift in mentality. Buildings have to designed in such a manner that allows positive influences to be properly channeled and negative ones to be dispersed and removed from your environment.

Vaastu is the science of combining the forces of “basic elements, numbers and directions” with the individual. Vaastu Shastra is thus a science, proven beyond doubt which creates positive energy and gives a person harmonious life, good place to live and work.


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